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Panoptyc Market Viewer

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Panoptyc’s affordable state-of-the-art cameras make remote video viewing easy whether an operator’s network speed is poor, they have OptConnect, they run into firewall issues, or their current DVR software makes video unwatchable remotely.
- One or two cameras are typical to provide coverage of an entire market

  • 5 Year warranty included
  • Plug and play installation with easy mounting (less than 30 minutes vs many camera systems which take hours)
  • Streams to local monitor
  • Easy remote viewing
  • Wide angled view to see more of the market with fewer cameras (135 degrees)
  • 2 years cloud storage for video clips
  • Custom real-time activity alerts 
  • Unlimited cameras, locations & users with one account 
  • Monthly software updates, firmware and security updates,
  • 24x7 US based email and phone support"

The Panoptyc Market Viewer can be installed in MicroMarkets with existing camera systems in place or it can be installed in a new market as the primary camera system.

Please Note: In addition to the upfront fee for the camera, there is a $10 per month fee per camera for cloud storage costs