Customer testimonials

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"My favorite feature of Panoptyc is the ease of use, the theft detection is very good" - Jerry Dudford.

Jerry works for J Bos, West Michigan’s premier provider of beverage, snack, coffee and fresh food offerings, serving over 600 clients throughout their 50-mile radius service area.




“It saves me and our supervisors a lot of time, its very precise and we usually have a resolution within an hour.” - Jeff Hemp.

Jeff is the General Manager of the Vending and Micro Market Division at DC Vending, a full service vending company.




"I can jump in at any given time and look at our micro markets from anywhere I am. Whether I’m at home, whether I’m in my car, I can easily see what is going on." - Linda Saldana. 

Linda is the CEO for Seventh Wave Refreshments, a company that is helping to cultivate community in workplaces through thoughtful workplace refreshments.