March Networks/ v5 Integration

Panoptyc is excited to offer an exclusive integration between 365 Retail Markets’ v5 software and the new March Networks video security system. With this new integration, 365 Operators will be able to optimize the time they spend reviewing footage for loss prevention, customer service issues and more.

What’s required?

  1. Your location(s) must be using the latest version of 365’s micromarket software, v5. The v5 software runs on the Gen3 and Gen3c kiosk hardware and connects to the ADM backend administrative site. This integration does not support legacy versions of 365’s Valet software. Contact your 365 Account Manager for more information on purchasing or converting your existing locations to the v5 software.
  2. You must be using a March Networks video security system at the same location(s) using the v5 micromarket software. The March Networks system can be purchased directly from 365 by contacting your 365 Account Manager. This integration does not support REVO video security systems.   

What does the integration provide?

  • View every single transaction without any gaps in between! The Panoptyc integration creates a timestamp when every single transaction starts and ends, so that you can quickly review all aspects of that transaction without trying to find it.
  • Watch the consumer behavior on the video and corresponding ‘bread crumb trail’ the consumer takes through the v5 software to the end of the transaction. No more needing to see the kiosk screen, you see everything!
  • Filter the transactions to look at:
    • Transaction cancellations – view only those transactions that ended in the consumer pressing the ‘cancel’ button.
    • Item cancellations – view consumers who cancelled a single/multiple line items and paid for a portion of the transaction. This is thief finder’s dream come true!
    • Transaction duration – since you see when a transaction starts/stops, we calculate and display the transaction time in seconds. This helps you find potential customer service and/or coaching opportunities when a transactions takes longer than you would expect it to.
    • Product specific sales – one of the best features! If you are missing a snickers bar after inventory, you can quickly and easily search all transactions where both ‘snickers’ was on the receipt AND the item or transaction was cancelled!
    • Transaction totals – do you see suspiciously low dollar transactions on your reports? Now you can save preset reports to look at things like ‘transactions less than $1’ or ‘energy drinks sales’ to target your highest theft categories.
    • Customer behavior – for the pesky clients that require multiple incidents of theft before acknowledging an issue, you can filter by consumer name (where a GMA Account is used to purchase) and review only those historical transactions from that same consumer across multiple days/weeks/months.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form above to subscribe to this exclusive 365/Panoptyc integration for only $20/month/location. Have questions? We have answers! Please direct any questions on this integration to