Who is Minding Your Micro Markets Right Now?

With the reduction in on-premise workforce due to the pandemic, some operators have concerns that their markets aren’t being tended to as much as they were pre-COVID. Even with essential businesses still operating, many place restrictions on who can enter from the Operator side. In some cases, route drivers are allowed in markets but management is not. This makes it difficult to keep up with inventory, merchandising and maintaining your peace of mind that your markets are being inspected and cared for as they had been pre-COVID-19.

Diligent Operators are turning to their market DVR systems to give them visibility into their market operations. Unfortunately, though, many of the legacy DVR systems are obsolete and extremely difficult to view remotely. Issues like complicated port forwarding and limited data compression from existing DVRs restrain the amount of remote Market viewing and oversight that operators can effectively do. As a result, these days, they may only be remotely viewing and cross-checking a small number of their locations.  

Subscribers to Panoptyc’s Market Detective surveillance system have skirted these problems with the help of Panoptyc’s leading-edge camera systems tailored specifically for Micro Markets. These Market Viewer cameras are made for easy setup and remote viewing. By using the latest video data compression algorithms and alerts, less bandwidth is needed and consumed. This enables Operators to view their markets with a clear picture from anywhere in the world. 

Since the Market Viewer cameras are integrated with Market Detective, the industry’s leading theft detection solution, Operators are able to use the system to detect stockouts and observe route driver performance in the market as well. Many operators also draw profitable insights using the system to review how employees interact with the kiosks amidst infection fears and fears surrounding “touching things” in the markets. 

You may have an airtight market surveillance system in place, but if not, let’s have a conversation about post-COVID best practices for Market observation, loss prevention and sanitization. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes the toughest of times to bring our best spirit of innovation to the forefront. We’re here to help on that innovation journey. When you’re ready to have a conversation, reach out to us at 313-425-5765 or mac@panoptyc.co or visit our website: https://panoptyc.co.