Customer Case Study: LC Vending

"I don't understand how any micro market operator doesn't use Panoptyc. This is a fantastic service, and it has been incredibly helpful to us. The customer service is absolutely amazing." - Egan Little

Company Profile:

LC Vending is a family run business that started back in 1953. It is owned and operated today by Egan Little. His grandfather passed the business down to his father, and now Egan handles the day to day responsibilities. Though LC Vending began as a vending business, currently with over 1200 machines in rotation, in the last few years they have expanded to include micro markets. This side of the business is growing quickly.


When LC Vending had their initial micro markets installed, they monitored the locations using basic Blink cameras. Shrink percentages were relatively high which meant a lot of time viewing camera footage to track theft. Egan himself and other employees spent hours and hours reviewing footage with little to no success. They weren’t catching theft, and time and money was wasted by employees reviewing footage when their time could have been spent on more valuable, revenue producing activities.


Egan was first introduced to Panoptyc in 2021 by another local operator using Panoptyc. Soon after Egan learned about Panoptyc, he saw them at the TMVA conference, and decided to move forward at the event . He received his cameras in under a week, and had his markets installed with the Panoptyc system shortly after. After the installation, Egan quickly noticed a difference in his markets. Not only was he able to free himself and other employees from viewing footage, but he had full theft reports including snapshots, video, canceled reports, and more sent to him on a consistent basis. As he worked with his clients to take action on the theft he noticed a major decrease in theft, but a substantial increase in sales as well. Egan believes Panoptyc helps him save money on theft and labor costs, but also keeps the sales volume high in his markets.

Moving Forward:

Since 2021 when LC Vending first installed Panoptyc, they have added more markets with Panoptyc providing theft detection. Egan plans to use Panoptyc to keep tabs on all of his markets in the future. Not only does this positively affect his bottom line in terms of sales and shrink, but he is also able to use Panoptyc as a major marketing tool when placing bids for new markets. When speaking with potential clients he is upfront with them about the theft potential. If they agree to work with him to manage any theft issues it will keep the prices low which in turn, will keep their employees happier. This has allowed Egan to separate himself from his competition and continue to increase his micro market expansion. This adds credibility and profitability for LC Vending. Panoptyc is looking forward to working with Egan for many years to come.